Social Work Internships

FSU College of Social Work students who wish to be placed in an internship abroad should contact Neil Abell, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., Director of International Programs, College of Social Work, 850.644.9753, Fees and application processes vary by location (see below).

Students should not apply online until approved by the FSU College of Social Work and Dr. Neil Abell.

Summer 2024

ProgramLocationStart DateEnd DateFee
London Social Work InternshipLondon05/08/2408/04/24$16,975.00
Belfast Social Work InternshipBelfast05/13/2408/02/24$8,010.00
Edinburgh Social Work InternshipEdinburgh 05/13/2408/02/24$2,995.00

Fall 2024

ProgramLocationStart DateEnd DateFee
Belfast Social Work InternshipBelfast08/26/2412/13/24$8,135.00
Dublin SW InternshipDublin08/26/2412/13/24$8,135.00
Edinburgh Social Work InternshipEdinburgh 08/26/2412/13/24$8,135.00
Vancouver Social Work InternshipVancouver08/26/2412/13/24$8,135.00
London Social Work InternshipLondon08/28/2412/12/24$16,975.00

Spring 2025

ProgramLocationStart DateEnd DateFee
Belfast Social Work InternshipBelfast01/09/2504/24/25$8,135.00
Edinburgh Social Work InternshipEdinburgh 01/09/2504/24/25$8,135.00
London Social Work InternshipLondon01/09/2504/24/25$16,975.00
Vancouver Social Work InternshipVancouver01/09/2504/24/25$8,135.00