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"Studying Abroad in London provided me with some of the best memories of my life."

William Cellar
Business Law, 2013

"This has been the best experience of my life. I have gotten over so many of my fears and I really feel like London was my home."

Brittany Altman
Retail Merchandise, 2014

"Do not be too afraid, just go for it! It's an amazing experience that increases independence and worldly understanding, and does nothing but enhance the college experience."

Lauren Romanzak
First Year Abroad, 2014

"Intern abroad! It will totally immerse you in London daily life and allow you to meet so many new people. London is so incredible!"

Jane Hamel
Art History, 2014

"It's a once in a lifetime experience where you can easily make lifetime friends. Studying abroad brings people together!"

Jacqueline Colvett
First Year Abroad, 2014

"Apply apply apply! It's an unforgettable experience through which you'll never see the world the same!"

Rachel Keller
Broad Curriculum, 2014

"I never understood when people said 'You'll come back changed' but after you come back from London, you realized you're not the person you once were. Studying abroad cracked that shyness of a shell I once relied on."

Maries Almarales
Exercise Science, 2013

"Studying abroad was more than I ever thought it could be. I learned so much not just about the world and other cultures but about myself as well. I was very impressed with how much the program fee included and by how much time and effort the study centre staff spent making sure every student felt engaged and safe."

Kathleen Turner
Communications, 2013

"Spending a semester in London was the best decision of my college career."

Aly Buff
International Affairs, 2011

"My semester in London was my favourite, I learned so much about myself and the world."

Kelsey Repins
Media Communication, 2011

"London is one the best cities in the world, but the reason I enjoyed it the most in because of the family I've made here."

Maggie Stern
Art History, 2011

"The experiences and opportunities that a semester in London provides are like nothing I have ever imaged."

Mary Risk
Acting, 2011

"I loved this experience, I learned a lot about myself and had an amazing time in London. This is something every college student should experience."

Rachel Weiss
Accounting, 2010

"I had an amazing opportunity to work and study in London, and I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life."

Lisa Bouffard
Library Intern, 2010

Welcome to London

Since 1971, the FSU London Program has offered students from across the nation a fine liberal arts curriculum in an historic seat of Western government, commerce, and literature. The London Study Centre is located in a row of 17th century buildings registered on the British National Heritage list. Students live and study in our state-of-the art educational facility in the heart of the Bloomsbury district, one block from the British Museum and minutes from the theatre district, the National Gallery and many more London landmarks.