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Scholarship and Discount Opportunities

International Programs is pleased to offer over $130,000 worth of scholarships annually.
Note: Availability of all scholarships will be subject to funding.

International Programs Anniversary Scholarship
In honor of our 50th Anniversary in 2007, International Programs established a scholarship fund of $75,000 with the intention of increasing the number of Florida State students who study abroad. Florida State degree-seeking students who have an overall GPA of 3.5 or better may apply for this need and merit-based scholarship. Scholarships will be available fall, spring and summer sessions.

International Programs Achievement Scholarship
International Programs offers $20,000 annually to the creme de la creme of the FSU student body. Florida State degree-seeking students who have an overall GPA of 3.8 or better may apply for this merit-based scholarship. Scholarships will be available fall, spring, and summer sessions.

International Programs Spring Break Program Scholarship
International Programs offers a limited number of scholarships for high achieving students participating on FSU International Programs spring break programs. Applicants must be Florida State degree-seeking students with an overall GPA of 3.8 or better and no demonstrated financial need OR an overall GPA of 3.5 or better with demonstrated financial need. Scholarships will be awarded in denominations up to 25% of the program fee.

Minority Scholarship
Nationally, less than twenty percent of those who study abroad are minority students. In an effort to help more minorities study abroad, the Florida State University has offered a Minority Scholarship for over twenty years. Florida State degree-seeking ethnic minority students with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better may apply for the Minority Scholarship. This scholarship can be applied toward a fall and spring semesters in Florence, London, Panama City or Valencia.

Spring Break Programs Scholarship
We have recently begun offering spring break programs, which are short trips that complement a course being offered in Tallahassee during the spring semester. An increasing percentage of students are only able to go abroad for a short period of time, and we want to encourage students to participate on these new programs. We are offering scholarships worth up to 25% of the program fee for FSU degree-seeking students who have a 3.5 GPA and demonstrated financial need, or who have a 3.8 GPA with no demonstrated need.

William Cullen Klein Memorial Scholarship
This new scholarship was established in memory of Cullen Klein, a talented linguist double-majoring in Spanish and Chinese. His family established the scholarship in his memory to help open the world to other students by studying abroad. FSU International Programs will determine the amount of each scholarship; this scholarship is merit-based, and is available for FSU student participating on the summer Tianjin program.

Multi-Term Discount
Students who have completed 18 or more credit hours on programs administered by the International Programs Office, with a 3.0 average or greater in course work at the international location(s), are eligible for discounts for subsequent IP programs. Scholarships are $500 for summer sessions or $1,000 for fall or spring semesters. These savings have already been built into the program fees for First Year Abroad Program students.

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Scholarships Administered by Other FSU Departments

For information about study abroad scholarships administered by other FSU departments, view the following links:

Ada Belle Winthrop-King Scholarships:
Available through the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics. Contact the department for guidelines.

Audrey Wilson Florence Travel Scholarships:
Humanities majors participating in the Florence Program may apply for Audrey Wilson Florence Travel Scholarships. Apply through the director of the FSU humanities program. Contact the Program in Interndisciplinary Humanities at or 850-644-9121.

Bess Ward Honors Travel Scholarship:
Florida State University liberal studies Honor students and Honors in the Major students may apply for a Bess Ward Honors Travel Scholarship. For more information see the Honors Blackboard site.

College of Arts and Sciences International Enrichment Fund Scholarship:
Available through the College of Arts and Sciences students who meet certain requirements and are attending an FSU International Program (more information available on the scholarship's website):

Scholarship List
General listing of scholarships that may be available for international study. Download list here.

Scholarships may be available for students participating in the International Affairs (England) and the Policy Studies (Croatia) specialized programs. Please contact the program leaders for further information or email International Programs at

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